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Frontier internet is available to nearly 11% of U.S. households, making it one of the largest DSL providers in the nation. Frontier’s fiber-optic service is less widely-available with service in select areas of CA, FL, IN, SC, TX, OR and WA.

Internet speeds

Frontier High Speed Internet, a DSL service, can range from one to 25 Mbps. Frontier FiOS, which uses a 100% fiber-optic network, can offer speeds from 50 to 500 Mbps. Frontier FiOS is also more likely to give you speeds closer to the plan’s advertised speeds.

TV packages

Frontier TV offers a customizable TV experience with lots of ways to adjust your channel lineup. Frontier TV also features HD content, advanced DVR service and a vast On Demand library. Subscribers can take their TV on the go with the Frontier TV app.

Customer satisfaction

Frontier Communications ranks slightly behind other internet and TV providers in customer satisfaction with a score of 55/100 for internet and 57/100 for TV, according to the 2019 American Customer Satisfaction Index.

All Included Packages

When you build a bundle, you'll get a seamless entertainment experience at a price you can afford.

Frontier FiOS® Triple Play

$84.99 / Monthly

for 12 months plus taxes

Max speeds as fast as 500 Mbps download/upload

130+ TV channels

Unlimited nationwide calling

Multi-Device Security™ included for 12 months**

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Frontier TV

$59.99 / Monthly

for 12 months plus taxes

190 channels plus regional sports

FREE Showtime® for 3 months

FREE DISH Movie Pack™ Online TV service for 3 months

2-year price guarantee on service

Free installation

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Frontier Internet

$27.99 / Monthly

for 12 months plus taxes

Max wired speeds as fast as 6 Mbps. Wi-Fi speeds may vary.

Everyday low price*

No data caps**

Share photos, stream music, check email, do homework

Plus, add Voice service for just $10/month

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Frontier Deals Provide Amazing Offers

Frontier Deals come in a variety of affordable & high-performance DSL, TV, and fiber-optic monthly subscription packages. Currently Frontier has a service coverage spanning 29 U.S. states. With Frontier service, you can choose the most diversified high-speed internet, and add on available HDTV and home phone service options. Just pick the plan that best suits your budgeting requirements. Once you’ve selected the desired Frontier package, simply pick up the phone and CALL the number listed on top of this page. Or use the Frontier online deals route, and make your subscription directly from this website. It’s THAT simple!

Add-on HDTV & Phone Deals to Frontier High-Speed Internet Service

With Frontier service, you can subscribe to a number of both standalone high-speed internet and bundled package options. If you just require a High-Speed Internet service on a budget, simply sign up for the Frontier Internet. You can share photos, stream music, check email, and do homework with everyday competitive internet pricing. To further ramp up your surfing experience, and to indulge in your favorite online activities – be they streaming HD and 4K movies, participation in intense multiplayer gaming sessions, or video chatting – Frontier offers a range of higher speeds that will meet your needs. Call the listed number to check the speed ranges available for your location.

COMPLETE Your Home Entertainment with Frontier Bundles!

When you’re looking for a complete home entertainment experience and nothing less, Frontier bundles provide a one-stop-shop solution. Add Phone and TV, just phone or TV to your Frontier internet services and get connected to the people and things that matter most. With qualifying plans, you can get a Visa Reward Card for 12 months when you sign up for a 2-year agreement (redemption required). Pick up the phone and call now to order your bundle today.

Heard about the Affordable Frontier Online Deals?

Depending on your location, Frontier offers a variety of High-Speed Internet plans. FiOS Internet plans offer fast fiber-optic powered upload and download speeds in select areas of CA, FL, IN, OR, TX and WA. Other areas offer standard High-Speed Internet service with a range of speeds and choices to meet your needs. All fiber Internet plans come with 12 months of Multi-Device Security included for a worry-free experience on all your devices.

Why choose Frontier Communications?

Personal Security Bundle

With the Frontier Personal Security Bundle, you can store your content in the cloud and access your files from multiple devices. You can also protect up to 10 devices from viruses and malware.

Price for Life Guarantee

New Frontier internet customers can lock in their monthly fee without fear of increases. May not be available with all Frontier plans. Call for details.

No data caps or contracts

All plans include unlimited data so you can stream and browse as much as you want. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about lengthy contracts.

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